“Remember to Forgot” on Login Screen -Vistara Mobile App


Hey Vistara, I am all ready to fly the new feeling. Downloaded the Vistara App from play store for web check-in or should I say App Check-in. I failed at the first step. I have no clue on the username / Pin combination. There is already a long list of username/ passwords occupying space in my mind , can’t add one more ( Especially when I am not a frequent flier with you, as of today). … Continue reading

05. September 2016 by Amit Gupta
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Consistent UX across Web & App is hygiene


Being intuitive and having a simple learning curve is a big win for any product.  As a user we keeps on moving across platform (web & apps) and screens. Having a seamless and consistent UX across all platform should be part of basic hygiene. It is more so important in case of transactional products. I had a totally different experience with Zopnow (Online grocery store). Following are few screenshots of login & sign up screens on web (Mobile browser) and app.  I … Continue reading

02. August 2016 by Amit Gupta
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Human Behaviour & Friendship


Today was just another hot day with temperature 43° C which feel like 50°C till one of the whatsapp group starts buzzing.  And I realise that there some bigger fire which is contributing to today’s heat. CBSE declare the result for class XII for year 2016 which is a milestone in a student’s life in our education system. Oh! here’s my all time favorite image on the education system.  And coming back to whatsapp conversation. As … Continue reading

21. May 2016 by Amit Gupta
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Why I Deactivated My Facebook Account


OMG ! 9 years on Facebook. It all started with a simple update “is downloading i/e 8.1” , I mean really IE even it’s year 2008. But that also means orkut account was still active and testimonials were “THE” thing. But there were “no friends” and then Zynga launched Farmville. Farmville to Facebook was like talking tom or angry bird to Android. Perfect example of a add on driving the larger product. They both fuelled each others growth … Continue reading

17. May 2016 by Amit Gupta
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Pehle App – Mobile First

Amit Gupta anroid apps

Eer kahen chalo app banayen Bir kahen chalo app banayen Patte kahen chalo app banayen Hum kahaa chalo hama’o apni app banayen Here’s a baby step in the world of personal app https://goo.gl/4eWHBQ

09. November 2015 by Amit Gupta
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