Removal of HP (hypothecation) from RC in Gurgaon

Car Loan Paid ! What a relief and now the next big thing is the removal of hypothecation from the RC and really own the car :). This calls for a visit to the RTO office or in this case eSeva kendra situated at the ground floor of Mini Secretariat, Rajiv Chowk, Gurgaon

Just remember to carry the following documents for the smooth transfer of vehicle to your name & removal of HP from RC:

In original:
– Bank NOC (No Objection Certificate) Bank NOC is generally valid upto 3 months from the date of issue but check with your bank.
– Vehicle RC (Registration Copy)
– Original Form 35 (2 copies duly signed by the bank)
– Loan Closure Letter
– Affidavit (10 Rs Stamp paper)
Important : Keep a copy for your records as original NOC is submitted to the RTO.

Attested Copies:
– Valid insurance
– Valid PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate
– PAN Card
– Address Proof (if you wish to change your address details in RC than you need to pay additional fee and a application on a plain sheet)

Tip : You can get the affidavit and all the documents attested right in the court premise. Total cost less than 100 Rs for everything.

The Visit to eSeva Kendra 07 July 2014

eSeva kendra is situated at the ground floor of the Mini Secretariat and easily reachble from NH8. It is a simple two step process comprising of verifying documents and deposit of fee.

Counter 4 – Earmarked for verification and submission of documents : Head straight to the counter for verification of documents. Inform the staff about change in address if any in advance for noting on application.

Counter 1 – Deposit of fee : The fee for removal of hypothecation is Rs 200 (Two hundred only) and for change of address is rs. 100 (One Hundred Only)

Once you deposit the fee go back to counter 4 and deposit the documents. You will get a receipt for the same mentioning the expected date of collection of new RC. This is usually 15 days from the day of application.

So, No bribe and whole process took less than 10 minutes.

The Visit to eSeva Kendra 28 July 2014

Received the updated copy of RC issued in my name  from counter 4 (less than 5 min). I applied for change of address also, the same was also updated.

Tip : You should get your RC laminated right away , this facility is available in the court complex.


07. July 2014 by Amit Gupta
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  1. Hi Amit,
    Thats a great guidance. I went to RTO today there I found on a board that for address change one requires some form 33 and an affidavit on Rs 10 Paper. Is it true.

  2. Great Post Amit Gupta, You know what its been almost 1 month that i have taken NOC from my bank however i was unknown to the process to Get NEW RC wuthout bank hypothecation and i almost booked a midiator to do this process however i got my confidence boosted after reading your post … love u brother and keep helping the common public .

    Varun Chadha

  3. Small World! After reading the entire blog post my eyes went towards the left side of the post and i saw you! great job Mr. Gupta 🙂 You are helping loads of people through your posts. Great work, keep it up!
    Kriti Uppal

  4. Hello mates, how is the whole thing, and what you desire to say on the topic of this post, in my view its really awesome designed for me.

  5. Hi Amit,

    Post is very helpful! it gives idea about the process and documents needed. however, in Mini secretariat its all messy , they havent even mentioned the direcitons for e-seva kendra and then once you reach to e-seva kendra there are no counter numbers. but the counter numbers mentioned in this post should help us as you can ask there where is counter ##.

    i did not have anything as address proof, sole rent agreement is not acceptable, they either need bank address,phone bill/water bill, passport, gas connection etc, I did not had anything either. So i had to request a bit and he agreed to accept my address mentioned in company letter head .

    total it took me 1 hour to get everything , no bribe. but actual fee is 100/- but they charge 200/- openly.


    • Hi Amit,

      I am living on rent in Gurgaon & my car also registered to the same address. In this case what address proof he needs.
      Is it ok if i go with 2 address proof of my owner? or also need rent agreement for the current year?
      Plz reply.
      Thanks in advance.

  6. Hi Amit,

    Thanks for sharing this information and i submitted all documents and got acknowledgement receipt in total of 45-50 mins.

    They however charge INR200 for HP removal whereas fee is INR100.

  7. dear amit ji

    can you please guide me how to write a letter to rto about hypothecation removal on company letterhead

  8. Hi Amit,

    Do they ask residence proof as well if change of address is required. If yes, what document is acceptable?

  9. The fee for removal of hypothecation is Rs 100 only and not 200. They give receipt of Rs 100 only, 100 Rs is extra bribe they are charging in open.

  10. Amit, Thanks for your time and efforts in helping others.

  11. Is eSeva Kendra remains open on saturday also? pls let me know.

    thanks in advance

  12. Hi, Thanks for info.

    presently I am not in Gurgaon , can I send someone and get the hypothecation removed. will send across all documents.
    or is it mandatory for me to be there in person

  13. (Visit data: 27-09-2014)
    Thanks Amit, I followed same as you mentioned and found the process very easy. Some more things, one can do;
    Firstly, for address change one can use Form 33 ( inspite of application on plain paper for address change.
    secondly, for affidavit and attested copies, one can take help from notary sits close to e-seva kendra. It will take around 100rs and make a affidavit and attest all your duplicate copies and arrange them well in order.
    Whole process took around 1 hour and no need of agents or bribe.

  14. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts
    and I am waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.

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