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How to make a pizza (sinful eating)

So folks let me take you thru the process of making a sinfully unhealthy but amazingly delicious Pizza.



a) Pizza base
b) Cheese (Britannia)
c) Pizza Sauce (By Cremica)
d) Oregano and Chilly Flakes (Leftover from Domino’s blend perfectly)

a) Mushrooms
b) Fresh Paneer
c) Onions
d) Capsicum
e) Red Jalapeno (In Vinegar)

Other key requirement
a) Microwave
b) Electricity (Scarce in Gurgaon)


Step 1: Apply a thin coating of pizza sauce on the base.

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19. May 2009 by Amit Gupta
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Confession – Love you Maggi

Oh man … It’s 25 years or Silver Jubilee of our first meeting. I still remember the day when you entered my life. We met at my school. You wore bright yellow with strokes of red. And on our very first date, I brought you to my home to meet mom (It wasn’t infatuation, I can say now).continue reading...

12. April 2009 by Amit Gupta
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