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IPL match @ Ferozshah Kotla

IPL season 4 …manoranjan ka baap

(Bhagwaan jab deta hai chappar faad kar deta hai)

Date : April 20, 2011

2:00 PM : Thinking of Cycle Agarbatti ??  Kya Bhagwaan hai

2:30 PM : @amitguptaz digging deep into excel sheets @indiatimes office

4:30 PM : @amitguptaz cheering for Delhi Daedevils from Super Hospitality Hill A South east stand of Ferozshah Kotla Stadium with 3  team members.… continue reading...

20. April 2011 by Amit Gupta
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IPL – Kab Aayega Baap !!!

 Kab aayega ranjan aur mano ka baap! There is an extensive and long search for ranjan and mano for their baap. After a long wait of 8 years and endless taunting of people their mother attempts suicide. Suddenly we discovered who is “mano-ranjan ka baap”


Hilarious and simply brilliant is how I would describe latest commercial of DLF – Indian Premier League. continue reading...

07. April 2008 by Amit Gupta
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Cricket Moolah Unlimited


1. Only sport in the dictionary of Indians

2. Money


1. Sportsperson

2. Model

3. Endorsements


1. Mint

2. Money spinners

3. Politics

Image Credit : continue reading...

20. February 2008 by Amit Gupta
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Gentleman was it “Monkey” or “Maa ki”

Harbhajan’s controversial spat with Symond has come to an end. The outcome though was bit predictable with BCCI literally arm-twisted the cricketing giant with a threat to abandon the tour. So the charges against our turbunator were mellowed.  Now, we will have Harbhajan and Symond once again battling it out at field in the upcoming one dayers.… continue reading...

30. January 2008 by Amit Gupta
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