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My nephew voted today

Pulse Polio day

This election season all the non-pappu population on country got their figure marked and proved that common men (no offence to all the women out there) has the ultimate say in democracy.   Today is the day for generation next to go out get the mark. I am proud of my nephew (Kavya), he voted for the right choice – Polio Drops.     Kavya proudly showing his marked fingure Thanks to the well-coordinated government … Continue reading

24. May 2009 by Amit Gupta
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Confession – Love you Maggi


Oh man … It’s 25 years or Silver Jubilee of our first meeting. I still remember the day when you entered my life. We met at my school. You wore bright yellow with strokes of red. And on our very first date, I brought you to my home to meet mom (It wasn’t infatuation, I can say now). Mom actually likes you… And It was love at first bite…I am mad about you till this … Continue reading

12. April 2009 by Amit Gupta
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The Seagate FreeAgent and I Contest

Seagate external drive

There is a interesting contest running on Indian Blog and new Media Society . The Contest You have to write a blog entry on the following topic: Seagate FreeAgent Family and I: What would be the most creative use I could put it to if I had one? And what would I expect from Seagate’s storage solutions that will enhance my content management experience? So here are my thoughts on the use of Seagate FreeAgent … Continue reading

21. March 2009 by Amit Gupta
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Abuse of Cost Per Click (CPC) Marketing?

Google AD - Abuse of CPC Model

Cost Per Click better known as CPC advertising is one of the most popular ROI (return on Investment) driven model in online world. Google has build in a complete empire revolving around this model. This model provides a win-win situation to publishers (websites), ad-networks (like Google, Komli etc) and advertisers (sellers). Advertisers pays to the ad-networks only when a visitor (prospective buyer) clicks on the advertisement (thereby presumed he expresses interest in the advertiser’s services) … Continue reading

17. March 2009 by Amit Gupta
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Are Customers Sitting Duck

 The mailer gives a feeling how the organization feels about their subscribers, who pays monthly subscription to be part of the network. They are just addition to growing number of sitting ducks for TATA Sky who can be easily targeted by the advertisers. Horrible is the word, to explain the feeling when you see customers being called “Sitting Ducks”. I just came across an emailer from Tata Sky targeted at advertisers for their DTH service.    … Continue reading

29. August 2008 by Amit Gupta
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