Thank You Yahoo !!!

Hmmm… very true . Thank you for reminding me of this. I surely need a break of of couple of days. And all you workaholic check out the cool mailer from Yahoo and you might find your dream holiday…  

Yahoo Local (India) has much more than a holiday destination search. It is a local search engine as of now limited to Delhi, Mumbai , Bangalore and Chennai. And has features like rating, maps etc … But Once it comes to local search engine My vote will be with  for the sheer database and for the use of technology.

Anyway now I want to plan a break Yahoo!!!

   Yahoo India

                           Yahoo Logo

18. June 2008 by Amit Gupta
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  1. Really good article , truely appreciated your work
    keep up the good work and keep inspiring us…

  2. oh nice……….

  3. Issue has been corrected please check it once more and Thanks for intimating American state

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