My nephew voted today

This election season all the non-pappu population on country got their figure marked and proved that common men (no offence to all the women out there) has the ultimate say in democracy.


Today is the day for generation next to go out get the mark. I am proud of my nephew (Kavya), he voted for the right choice – Polio Drops.


 Pulse polio

Kavya proudly showing his marked fingure

Thanks to the well-coordinated government campaign ‘Pulse Polio‘ to eradicate polio out of our country, there has been significant drop in the polio cases in last decade. Though goverment is doing its own bit but the success of the programm depends on the participation by the parents. 

Won’t you move few steps, so that your child can walk for life ?

24. May 2009 by Amit Gupta
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  1. when is january 2012 month date of polio drops

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