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Plan trip to vaishno devi – online


My weekend trip to vaishno devi, so what is different from my last trip in december. This one was a completely arranged online for every step of journey.  I had the mix experience bad one with irctc (online booking for indian railways) and Indian railways but excellent experience with official site of vaishno devi shrine board.continue reading...

21. September 2009 by Amit Gupta
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Traffic light for footover bridge in gurgaon !

This can happen only here in India. We know how to ulitize all the resources to fullest and look forward to accept new challenges. Look at the images below I clicked of foot over bridge meant for pedestrian in millenium city, gurgaon.… continue reading...

17. July 2009 by Amit Gupta
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Mood swing of weather

I have captured the mood swing of weather within a span of 20 min. Is this reflection of what we face in real life too. Everything seems to be going fine and then there are sudden storms, which seems never ending and devastating.continue reading...

08. April 2009 by Amit Gupta
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Organ Trade in Gurgaon, India

 Every print and news media in India was clogged with news of a organ trade unearthed in millennium city of Gurgaon. This racket, which was operational in major part of country, was run by group of surgeons for last 6-7 years.continue reading...

29. January 2008 by Amit Gupta
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