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7 Management lessons from Games of Throne

Game of Thronesa TV show on HBO based on based on the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R. R. Martin has captured the imaginations of millions across the globe.

Here are few lessons in business management & strategy, I interpreted and tried to adopt in real corporate life, from some of the most memorable quotes by the characters in Game of Thrones.… continue reading...

29. October 2017 by Amit Gupta
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Long time no see

Last few days were quite busy. So I didn’t get time to write but so much so has happenedd during this time.

Phasing out of the Killer blue lines (As if the evil lies in the buses and not the one who drives them), Sacking of KPS Gill (Better late than Never) , Harbhajan slapping Sreesanth (Gentemen’s game @ its best) , Sealing activity begins and what not…

But its not that nothing good had happened ISRO has made India proud by launching 10 satellites in orbit creating a new record, RBI is considering on guidlines to enable mobiles to be used as credit cards, A flat in Mumbai sold for 27 crores, India has crossed US in terms of mobile connections and so much more…

And where to put democracy in Nepal…lead by a maoist government

and last but not least, on personal front I enjoyed my cousin’s wedding, attended a two day seminar on “Art of Project Management” by Gavin Oh Huan Khoon of Business Management Consultants (Highly recommended)… continue reading...

30. April 2008 by Amit Gupta
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