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Business & Product Lead

Times Internet limited

“We have worked together on building the loyalty stack (Times Points) and integrating the same with central SSO for Times Internet. I found him one of the most passionate and effective product manager I’ve ever worked with. He is one of very few product managers who know the technologies limitation and feature very well, this ensures fast delivery of product and seamless collaboration within the team. His product documents are well defined and structured, make everybody understand the product in depth. He leads by example and is very passionate about his projects. His creativity, dedication, hard work & sense of fun are totally infectious.” Nov, 2017
Vivek Jadohn, Technology Lead at Times Internet Limited


“I have an opportunity to work with Amit as Tech lead for He motivates the team to consistently delivers high quality work. He led the transformation of the site and within a short span, we launched many innovative features and products. We launched a series of mobile apps including one for Apple watch (A first in company). Our efforts were recognized by company with “Team of the year” award for the most productive team. ” Nov, 2017
Naven Kumar Gupta, Technology Lead at Times Internet Limited


“I have worked with Amit on very crucial and time-sensitive projects together. He has a keen attention to details and drive to find the best possible solution within constrains of resources. He has an exceptional troubleshooting and analytical skill.

It was really a great pleasure to work with him. His guidance actually helped me achieving my goals and see the other sides of product which were actually beyond tech. After working with him on multiple projects, i can definitely say that he has the energy and potential to make any project a success if given opportunity.” Nov, 2017
Kuldeep Sharma, Principal Engineer at Gwynnie Bee


“I worked with Amit in the User Identity Management(SSO) project. Amit is great product guy who listens and understands technology part very well. Apart from being friendly, approachable with a very good sense of humor, Amit is very logical in his thought process, very vocal, and open to suggestions which makes it very good to work with him. It was a pleasure working with him.” Nov, 2017
Rahul Babbar, Chief Manager Technology at Times Internet Limited


“The most versatile and hands-on Business head I have ever worked with. Amit has a thorough understanding of his users and can visualize usage of the product in minutes. He has a bouquet of ideas with an excellent presence of mind to counter and solve problems which come his way. He makes sure to get things done in the perfect way and aligns entire team for the same. Personally, I learned a lot under his guidance and he continuously pushed me to achieve my true potential. It has been a pleasure working with Amit and I hope our paths cross some day again.” Feb, 2017
Pankhri Singhai, Product Manager at Adobe Systems India Pvt. Ltd.


“It’s a pleasure to work with Amit. His out of the box thinking, quick solution to problems and vibrant personality makes him a fantastic manager. He is an inspiring professional who is absolutely committed to make things happen at work. Expert in multitasking and managing them all well. A team cannot ask for a better leader than him.” Sep, 2016

Shilpi Sharma, QA Lead at times Internet limited.

Senior Management Program

Student at IIM, Calcutta

“If you ever want wit and humor mixed with creativity and out-of-box thinking Amit is the guy. E-commerce is in his DNA and passion for technology is his way…This guy has a long way to go…”

Nikhil Gupta, Sr. Product Manager(CPM) at Aricent Technologies

Product Manager @ People Interactive (,,

“Amit has a good combination of Consumer & Business aspects of online businesses. Other than B2C, he also has a good understanding of B2B business models and strategy. Amit is strong in execution; he can get teams motivated and meet tight deadlines. He is someone your can rely on.”

Prashanth Thiruvaipati, VP Product Management –,,,,

“Amit Gupta, Product Manager would be leaving after a very successful 2 1/2 years journey. His last working day will be 28th Sept’09. I still recall the time when he joined us at the Defense Colony office in Delhi way back in March’07. We were just a 4 member team then and we were operating out of a make shift office located at the basement.

He has been instrumental in making what it is today. Be it site layout & design, sales automation system, clients query & delivery, product training etc etc he involved himself in every aspect of the business (worked truly like a person should in a start-up). He has friends in the whole company (I am one of them) and I am sure we all will miss him.

Please join me in wishing Amit all the best for his future.”. Sep 18, 2009

Aditya Verma , VP & Business Head –


“There are very few people i have come across, whom i can classify as geniuses. And Amit is one of them. Perhaps the most street-smart, receptive and intuitive guy i’ve ever met, with a superb tongue in cheek humor, Amit is an excellent colleague to have. A vibrant and fertile mind, that’s always thinking of a new prank or a new solution every minute, Amit is, and forever shall be, a very special friend. I wish him all the best, at all times.” May 10, 2009
Puneet Goyal (, Brand Manager,, People Group (, etc) managed Amit indirectly at @ People Interactive (,,

“Amit is a talented Product Manager who is full of energy, enthusiasm with a great sense of humour. He is a through, proficient and strategic product manager who has the ability to dive in and master lots of information, assess what matters and create plans and recommendations that communicate user value, business opportunity and risk. He successfully managed the development and launch of Amit is extremely professional, well liked, and respected by all of his colleagues.” January 21, 2009

Arjun Yadav , Founder,
worked directly with Amit Gupta at @ People Interactive (,,


“Amit is a must for every organisation. Not only is he an excellent co-worker but is humour lights up your day. Keep Rocking like this Amit. Cheer!” January 9, 2009

Anish Sapra, Search Marketing & Digital Media Analytics, People Interactive I Pvt Ltd
worked with Amit Gupta at @ People Interactive (,,


“Amit Gupta – The one man army of Rarely, do Product Managers perform so many roles as he does for People Interactive. A good role juggler, Amit is a superb co-worker to be with. “Mr. Dependable” and “Gr8 Performer” would be my words for this complete professional.” October 3, 2008

Prashant Saxena, Product Analyst, People Interactive
worked directly with Amit Gupta at @ People Interactive (,,


“Amit Gupta has watched over like a hawk without losing sight of the strategic objective. He has been extremely detail-oriented and executes his projects very meticulously. An excellent manager and team player, knows how to boost his team to execute results to perfection.” September 2, 2008

Caroline Rodrigues, Sr. Manager – QA, People Interactive (I) Pvt. Ltd.
worked with Amit Gupta at @ People Interactive (,,


“Amit Gupta is very dedicated to his work and manages to deliver within a tight dead lines. As a Product Manager of he has done everything to make easy and attractive to users. He is otherwise a chilled out and helpful person” June 8, 2008

Pompa Mehrotra, Deputy General Manager- CRM, People Interactive
managed Amit Gupta indirectly at @ People Interactive (,,


“I am pleased to inform you regarding one more achievement of product team. After the successful launch of Smart Broker Banner and Click Pay banner in last quarter, we have today launched Makaan property rating system. This is a unique feature and is the only property site in India to have introduced this. Makaan rating system allows the user to rate listed property basis the correctness of information. The rating system uses interactive icons that keeps the user engaged in the entire process.

I would like to complement Amit Gupta and the entire design and technology team to conceptualize and execute this wonderful feature in under 40 days. Great work guys. Keep it up”. March 29, 2008

Aditya Verma , VP & Business Head –


“Amit was responsible for setting up’s offerings at People Interactive. I was specially impressed by his extremely professional attitude, and result-orientation. I would strongly recommend Amit based on our interaction for over 7 months.” February 7, 2008

Clinton Goveas, Senior Product Manager, People Interactive
managed Amit Gupta indirectly at (Part of People Interactive –,,,


“Dedicated, committed to a cause. Fantastic team player. Has demonstrated good execution speed. As a Product manager (Internet Space) can quickly grasp and translate requirements. Has displayed effective project team management qualities. Amit Gupta is a highly responsible individual.” February 2, 2008

Wilfred Barretto, VP & Head – Engineering and Internet Technologies, People Interactive Pvt. Ltd
managed Amit Gupta indirectly at (Part of People Interactive –,,,


“I havent worked along with Amit, but i have observed this working style and his ability to manage a team, which is without any doubt fantastic. He is very sharp, witty and practical in his approach and am sure that he will do extremely well where ever he goes.” September 6, 2007

Akshay Mathur, Regional Manager (North), People Interactive (I) Ltd.
worked directly with Amit Gupta at (People Interactive India)


Medianet (Part of BCCL – Times of India, Economic Times)

“Amit Gupta is a very dedicated and talented professional who is full of energy and innovative ideas. This person is a valuable asset to any company he works for.” January 21, 2008

Chetan Batla, Web Programmer, Times of india
worked directly with Amit Gupta at Medianet (Part of BCCL – Times of India, Economic Times)


“Amit is a good worker who understands client requirements well and then drives his team to deliver the desired results on time.” December 31, 2007

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

Aditi Mishra
hired Amit Gupta as a Account servicing in 2006

Manager India Pvt. Ltd.

“Amit is very committed professional towards his assignments. He has the cpability to take up any new challenge and deliver.” February 19, 2008

Paramjit Singh, National Training Manager,
managed Amit Gupta indirectly at India Pvt. Ltd.


“Amit has business acumen above par. He possesses the rare combination of humour and sales knowledge which made him ever so successful in his job at Monster. He has a strong analytical mind and would be an asset to any organisation in any role he is into.” September 6, 2007

Kshitij Jain, Global Sales Manager, India
managed Amit Gupta indirectly at India Pvt. Ltd.

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