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We are living in very difficult times and It’s important that we take care of ourselves and our family. But there is a huge population fighting this pandemic on multiple fronts and may need financial & medical assistance.

While most of us who are working from home, almost hate that one more call. But I am proposing a call that may make difference in someone’s life during this time of distress. I’m opening up my calendar for the weekends to catch up with new and aspiring Product managers who wish to connect to discuss product management, bounce off ideas, or general chitchat. I would love to discuss your queries and try to answer them to the best of my ability.

In return, I would request you to make a donation to the charity of your choice (INR2500 or above).

Schedule a call: Let’s Talk Product

Some charities you may consider (in no particular order):

Hemkunt Foundation : The #O2ForYou Drive-Thru has been started and is now available 24/7.

Mission Oxygen : Help hospitals across the country get immediate access to oxygen concentrators.

Give India : Providing life-saving equipment for critical patients at hospitals and Covid care centers

Due to other official commitments, I have opened my calendar for weekends only for IST timings for now. If need be I would extend this to any public holiday and try to accommodate early morning/late evening calls for friends in different time zones.

Update 25.04.2021: My calendar got blocked till June, so opened up few more Sunday slots for May 2021.

Update 01.07.2021: Opened up few more slots for coming months.

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