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  • Abuse of Cost Per Click (CPC) Marketing?

    Abuse of Cost Per Click (CPC) Marketing?

    Cost Per Click better known as CPC advertising is one of the most popular ROI (return on Investment) driven model in online world. Google has build in a complete empire revolving around this model. This model provides a win-win situation to publishers (websites), ad-networks (like Google, Komli etc) and advertisers (sellers). Advertisers pays to the…

  • Are Customers Sitting Duck

    Are Customers Sitting Duck

    ¬†The mailer gives a feeling how the organization feels about their subscribers, who pays monthly subscription to be part of the network. They are just addition to growing number of sitting ducks for TATA Sky who can be easily targeted by the advertisers. Horrible is the word, to explain the feeling¬†when you see customers being…