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upgrading of my blackberry 8520 firmware

Few months back I joined the Blackberry train and bought a 8520 for myself. I found the phone quite handy and feature loaded even without subscribing to blackberry plan. The handset works smoothly using the standard mobile internet (GPRS) connection except for the push mail.… continue reading...

04. November 2010 by Amit Gupta
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one year at indiatimes

29 September 2010

oh  just realized it’s been a year i have logged out of makaan.com and signed into times internet limited.  The year has been full of excitement and challenges.  I pulled my self out from a state of non working and retirment and had a stupendeo fantabulous time working with team communities. 

Its been an amazing experience and fun to work  in the socialbookmarking and email space and much more.… continue reading...

29. September 2010 by Amit Gupta
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Installing canon sx200 IS zoom ex browser without CD

Hard disk crash or OS re installation is a nightmare I have gone through innumerable times 🙁  And the worse part to it it restore the all the previously installed software (and off course the saved password on browsers). Anyways most recently I have gone through this last fortnight.… continue reading...

19. September 2010 by Amit Gupta
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Safeguard your SIM card against misuse

There seems to be a perfect synergy in the marketing and sales department of cellular companies. Both departments are supplementing each other in growing the subscriber base (And possibly redcuing ARPU).

The telesales ladies pushes hard to sell complementary ‘Golden’, ‘Platinum’ and matching/similar numbers to your current Mobile number in ever sweet voice.… continue reading...

10. July 2009 by Amit Gupta
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Google Wave – a new wave of communication

Google announced to launch Google wave later this year. This is bound to create a wave across the Internet world. So what is exactly is a wave. In a simple words Google wave is a real-time communication platform. It’s a hybrid of email, instant messaging, web chat, social networking, micro bloging, file share all build into one interface.continue reading...

29. May 2009 by Amit Gupta
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