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After a long and fulfilling journey, it was time to say Good (bye) Times . And I checked-in into a whole new world of OYO. It’s been really exciting and wonderful 5 months here at OYO but more about it in H1 Review 🙂

What I can’t wait to tell you about one of the projects, I have been involved in the last couple of months. Retention, Loyalty, Engagement, Gamification and all of this bundled into one awesome package called OYO Wizard.


Following is the post as published on Medium. Thanks to Shreyas Joshi for co-authoring.


It’s all about creating Moments of Magic!  ~ Shep Hyken

At OYO, we believe that the real moments of magic are those which make our customers happy and satisfied — converting them from first-time users to loyal customers who come back to stay with us frequently.

It is with this vision that we have always strived to do the little bit of extra for customer delight — and we are proud to introduce “OYO Wizard” — a customer-focused program to reward our guests for their continuous love & patronage.

Introducing OYO Wizard Program

OYO Wizard benefits

The OYO Wizard members can avail a host of benefits, partner offers and instant discounts on their bookings.

Instant discounts

Guest are eligible for an exclusive 5% additional instant discount on all of their bookings on subscribing to OYO Wizard membership. (Shhh! you can subscribe to OYO Wizard program for an introductory price of Rs.99 per annum for a limited time)

Wizard Base OYO

With a swish of your magic wand (Ahem… We mean at the click of a button!) convert your favorite or most frequented OYO into your Wizard base. And you get 10% discounts on all your future bookings at your base OYO — the 5% discounts on all other bookings continues to apply for other OYOs. 🙂

Exciting offers from OYO & our partners

But wait! Apart from the instant discount on all bookings, there are a host of exciting offers for Wizard members from OYO & our partners. And these will continue to grow in the coming days. 🙂

True Infinity

Experience “True Infinity” with your Wizard membership. Guests may use their Wizard membership to book rooms and avail benefits without any limit.

We now have 2,00,000+ OYO Wizard Members subscribed to the program and soon we’ll be the world’s largest loyalty program within the hospitality industry [If we aren’t one yet ;)]. The magic has just begun!

Check out oyorooms.com/wizard to know more and subscribe to Wizard program.

Think big, think disruptive, execute with full passion. ~ Masayoshi Son


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