Google and Tom Sawyer

You have not heard the famous story of Tom Sawyer  getting his fence painted by Mark Twain. The smart chap get the fence painted by the friends and even get rewarded for it. He makes the painting job felt like the most interesting thing on the planet earth.

Now Google has set a perfect example of how to get things done the right way. What better way to get the matching results than getting the indexing done by the end users themselves.

Google Image labeler  is a online module where users can tag the images with the words they feel most appropriate. The module works like a time bound game where users are paired as a team and they earn points on matching tags. (Amazing isn’t it , you get agreement from two different unknown users and time bound activity ensures top of the mind tagging).

Google Image Labeler

 Google Image Labeler

Google will use these tags to throw the image search results. This will certainly help in generating most relevant search results. Good Going Google…






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