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Jinke ghar sheeshe ke hote hain, unhe kapde parde daal kar badalne chahiye (One who have glass windows, should put curtains before changing the cloths.). Now you have all the more reason to fear. Google has ventured into street map and to what precision.

 I was just exploring trulia (A real estate portal) who have implemented the Google street Maps. I clicked on the sample map provided on the homepage for San Fransisco. I was amazed to see the details of the streets. I can actually read the number plate of the car standing outside the apartment.

Google Street View
















Now that’s taking property to your desktop literally. Though I am a staunch follower and devotee of Google but this feature has put me in thinking mode. You can put image of your house on site for sale but how can we allow anyone to peep into neighbors house. Say in the ad below the house no. 510 on sale is and we can zoom to the balcony of House No 511.


To me that is a bit too much. There need to be limit to this invasion of privacy.

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  1. jitendra Avatar

    its too good…….

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