Why I would recommend Flipkart

My personal online shopping is more or less restricted to travel, web products, movie booking , Bill pay etc which are very standardized products/services. I have made most of my online product purchases on non indian ecommerce sites (google, amazon , bestbuy etc) though I have few transactions in my name in erstwhile baazee.com (now ebay.in) way back in early 2000.

Why ? I think the primary issues being TRUST. Trust on the service provider and the product itself. In name of discounts and deals most of the online sites are selling cheap imitation of real products. Moreover the vendors also don’t have any great reputation. You have have no where to go incase the buy goes wrong.

The notion of buying online is looked only as buying cheap and not as an alternate market place which offers you choice of products at competitive prices. A place which will bring price and product advantage beyond the geographical boundries of your local market.

Offlate there is spurt in number of ecommerce sites and the way they are positioning themselves in the market. They seems to be taking onus of the business and are strongly backed by brick and mortar support.

I just bought a HP mini 8 Gb pendrive from Flipkart. It was such a nice and smooth shopping experience. So what is flipkart doing right or different in still nascent indian eCommerce space , so many other players are jostling for the market share.

flipkartWhat flipkart is doing right according to me :

  • 24×7 toll free helpline (Build faith that you have human support in case something goes wrong online ; my transaction failed once)
  • Delivery by Flipkart own network (Enhanced reliability)
  • Shipped by Flipkart (Vendor is identified)
  • 30 days return guarantee (Eliminate the fear of being cheated or duped with damaged product)
  • Almost real time tracking of shipment (Timely delivery)
  • Cash on delivery (Most Important as fear of using credit/debit card online is the biggest deterrent in the growth of online shopping)
  • Promise less and deliver more (2 day delivery against promised 3-5 business days)


  • The packaging was sturdy enough to withstand any transit
  • The customer support staff  is very polite and helpful. They refer to customers on first name basis and come across as very friendly ; infact I have spoken to them thrice in these 2 days.

6 responses to “Why I would recommend Flipkart”

  1. sunil khera Avatar
    sunil khera

    hi amit,

    I would like to recommend another online shopping website i.e. letsbuy.com. This site is also indeed a good website in offering discount and other stuff. I purchased a 4 gb pen drive as a test on ‘cash-on-delivery’ basis so I had nothing to lose anything if something had gone wrong. Overall, it was the good experience and I got my pen drive within given time period.

  2. Harneet Avatar

    I had an fab experience with Flipkart. I ordered a book at around 11:30PM and I was really amazed that how fast the service they offer. I got the book very next day in early afternoon.

  3. rakesh Avatar

    Online shopping is a good way to save time especially for people who work late nights. For me it works wonders. I shop my groceries online and I find it very convenient. Saves time, products get delivered at home on time and most importantly cash on delivery. I pay only when the order arrives. Thus I am at the ‘benefit-end’ of it. I usually do it from mygrahak.

  4. Ishant Avatar

    The Problem with Flipkart is that they a limited inventory from which Customers have to search whatever they want and then order it. But this process has a lot of limitations like it doesn’t allow Customers to get whatever they want because the inventory is limited and can’t fulfill everybody’s needs. Also the Customer also doesn’t get the Best price as it is fixed and based on the availability of the product.

    I found is quite interesting website Mydeals247.com which has No inventory on the Website, and everything is based on the interests of the Consumer. System Notifies the Consumer requests to all the Sellers Whoever is selling that particular Product or service along with the Consumer Budget. Sellers make offers and the Consumer get everything real time and that to at cheapest price.

    I had a great experience with Mydeals247 I bought a Cell phone which I got a quite cheap price.
    I would recommend you to try it once.

  5. JD Avatar

    Dear Amit,

    Nice to know that we all are optimistic of the great indian internet story and not considering it a bubble this time around. I guess thats why we see a new online store every second day. We have been affiliating with so many new online stores everyday and continue to develop relationships with the old ones. Hope we all are right and the best businesses survive the fight.


  6. […] My private on-line buying is kind of restricted to journey, net merchandise, film reserving , Invoice pay and so forth that are very standardized merchandise/providers. I’ve made most of my on-line product purchases on non indian ecommerce websites (google, amazon , bestbuy and so forth) although I’ve few transactions in my identify in erstwhile baazee.com (now ebay.in) method again in early 2000. Why ? I feel the first points being TRUST. Belief on the service supplier and the … Continue reading → […]

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