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Today was just another hot day with temperature 43° C which feel like 50°C till one of the whatsapp group starts buzzing.  And I realise that there some bigger fire which is contributing to today’s heat. CBSE declare the result for class XII for year 2016 which is a milestone in a student’s life in our education system. Oh! here’s my all time favorite image on the education system.

funny-animals-educational-system And coming back to whatsapp conversation. As of now there are three results ; just not reading too much into them I just love the increasing order of marks and remarks (Names hidden for obvious reasons). Congratulations to all kids and parents.


Thank god there was no whatsapp of facebook in days I managed to clear there exams. The enquiry was limited to just couple of over enthusiastic neighbors and relatives on phone (Too far & few). The celebrations includes going to Nirula’s with school friends group. And you always have a outlier in the group, who is your partner in crime all through except the day of result.

How many of you remember of the movie 3 idiots released in 2009 (The link to post dedicated to movie and my only blog post in Hindi). I loved the movie because it captured so many relationship especially friendship in such an amazing way. It displays high-low of relationship and the life long strong bond people developed in true friendship.

There is this cult scene where Rancho tops the exams. Love the conversation between Raju & Farhan before they discovered it. They are depressed not because they are in bottom of pyramid of students who pass but could not locate rancho’s name and then come the twist.

Both emotions are priceless. Watch below to refresh memory.

To all my friends, I love you whether you are Raju, Farhan or Rancho !

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