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  • Incomplete map of India on google

    Totally condemn the way Google repeatedly treat the map of India. J & K is and will remain integral part of India. And , not showing it part of any other country also is not solution.  Correct your maps Google.

  • bow to the god of cinema – Rajnikanth

    A big bow to god of cinema – Rajnikant. Here’s the collection of trivia of Rajnikant (collected from across the web) RAJNIKANTH’s next movie is going to be called ” TWITTER” …. He’s going to play all 140 characters in it ! Stats point that #Endhiran car parking collection is greater than Anjaana Anjaani’s box…

  • multi-utility – this happens only in india

    Interesting images captured on road. Maruti Suzuki launched a new multi-utility vehicle to cater to specific indian requirements. This was launched without much fanfare but was spotted on gurgaon roads This guy is wearing helmet for protection from ???

  • IPL – Kab Aayega Baap !!!

     Kab aayega ranjan aur mano ka baap! There is an extensive and long search for ranjan and mano for their baap. After a long wait of 8 years and endless taunting of people their mother attempts suicide. Suddenly we discovered who is “mano-ranjan ka baap”   Hilarious and simply brilliant is how I would describe latest commercial of DLF…

  • Indian Redefined

    India has evolved and so does Indian. Hey, I am talking about Indian, the state owned domestic airlines. I was scheduled to fly today morning to Mumbai by 8:00AM flight. As expected the flight was delayed (Still waiting for the final departure time to be announced, As I am writing this at airport). This has…

  • Zero Degree in Delhi Really !!!

    Zero Degree in Delhi Really !!!

    Bakar Bakar on Channels about Zero degree temprature (Forecasted for Today) in Delhi has hogged the limelight on prime time slots for last few days. News channels and Newspaper has debated it out more than they do the annual budget or general election. It become the talking point in offices. Few of my friends from…

  • 60th Death Anniversary of Mahatma

    60th Death Anniversary of Mahatma

    “I cannot teach you violence, as I do not myself believe in it. I can only teach you not to bow your heads before any one even at the cost of your life.” –  Mahatma Gandhi I salute the Father of the Nation on his 60th death Anniversary.

  • Organ Trade in Gurgaon, India

    Organ Trade in Gurgaon, India

     Every print and news media in India was clogged with news of a organ trade unearthed in millennium city of Gurgaon. This racket, which was operational in major part of country, was run by group of surgeons for last 6-7 years. They have state of the art medical setup to operate and transplant organs of…