Alien in My Own Country 🙁

I never felt away in my country. Mumbai over the last few months have been like visiting my backyard. But this visit to our financial capital has left me thinking. This trip was marred by apprehensions and fear of being a so-called outsider. There has been riot situation across Mumbai where a group of fanatic was out on streets rioting

Mumbai life seems to come to a halt. The nerve of mumbai the local transport was completely broken. It took me 30 min to reach my guesthouse, what would have been a 10 min drive in a taxi. My heart pained more than my legs because this feeling of alien in one’s own country will make any patriotic person cry.

These people who held back the city wanted outsiders to leave. Aren’t these the people who celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi as their biggest festival? Lord Ganesh, As far as my mythological knowledge goes, belongs to Mount Kailash (Not in Mumbai by any chance) and not Mumbai. Would these people move Siddhivinayak out of Mumbai because he’s not born here?






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