My new N95

Now why have I got a new N95 without having a poll on facebook and asking for opinion on model on make. Couple of reasons, firstly I have done it very recently for my Nokia E63 and more importantly why would my friends spare time for it. But on second thought they might have its better than stupid facebook applications to find out what flower, color, actor, emotion, ghost. But that’s a different story… coming back to my N95.

This white beauty come with certain exclusive privileges. Just flaunt it and you get preferential treatment at almost all outlets. I have experienced it at bank, chemist and the grocery shop today. All the experiences are worth sharing.

My first encounter with royalty was at bank today. Being saturday branch was only open for half day and there was a long queue. But as soon as I entered the branch, an executive escorted me to the teller and my job was done in less than a minute. I was the center of attraction and maybe jealousy (I can see in their eye). This was my shortest stay in a bank branch in last 15 years.

My second stop was a chemist shop. Needed some medicine for my viral fever. And surprize surprize I was the first one among the 10 odd aspirants to be attented to. I was through with my transaction and out of shop in flat 5 minutes again.

Last but not the least , same treatment was dolled out for me at the gracery shop. Everyone paved way for me to the busy cash counter. My daily shopping was never so convinient but thanks to my N95 , I was feeling like the king.

Amit Viral   Amit Gupta N95    Amit Gupta  

I am down with viral and wanted to wear a mask as a precaution. My brother in law got me N95 out of love , affection or fear, God knows.      

PS : N95 is the mask I am wearing in the above photos to prevent spread of virus.  Any resemblence of name to mobile is purely dilebrate. 😉 






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