Naming our baby daughter

Holi this year splashed million of colors in our life and brought a colorful bundle of joy in our life. we become proud parents of a little angel.

So the next daunting task after settling the hospital bill (she was born at the cradle, gurgaon) was to find a name for our princess. I would like to mention and thanks Cradle for the amazing hospitality during our 3 day stay. They have brilliant set of medical staff on duty to take care of all little things.

Coming back to naming, we had very simple requirements (really !!!).


a) name should have origin from Sanskrit language

b) should have positive meaning in major languages

c) Should be less than 7 characters

d) Should not be as common as Amit and Monica

e) available domain name, preferably first name 🙂


a) easy to spell & pronounce

b) should not have 10 more child with same name in close relative and friends

c) Should sound good with Singhal our actual surname (Yes, Gupta is a generic surname for bania community).

Most important : Both of us should agree to it (That means my wife has the final authority).

So the search begin and i trusted my best search buddy for this , who else Google. And Google didn’t disappoint us by returning About 61,000,000 results (0.11 seconds) for ‘baby name’.

Try refining to Sanskrit baby names and Google gives About 244,000 results (0.29 seconds) Simple isn’t it. I still love Google. Okie so the job was to pick a name matching the above criteria from baby name sites and also few other suggestions as shared by family and friends. Some of them are:





and many more…  (oh yes there are these excel sheet for anyone interested to download)

a) baby boy names b) baby girl names

But finally after close to two and a half month later we finalized our princess name “Tisya”. By that time even our daughter get bored of nodding to all the names and meaning we keep fighting on.

So, Tisya is a 5 character word which has a origin in Sanskrit language and means “Auspicious” and now host a photo-blog of our daughter.   phew !  job well done and finished , at least we thought so.

The next step is to get a birth certificate of our daughter… means locking horns with one more government deptt. updating soon…






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  2. Donnette Khoo Avatar

    Wow was directed to this place on Yahoo searching around for another subject entirely, and now I’m revisit and go over the rest of your site.

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