Coolest co-working space in gurgaon

Few days back, I met Aditya my mentor, friend & guide for more than a decade, for a very special reason.

Before I reveal it to you, just think of Google, Facebook, Microsoft and what is the first thing that come to your mind. Yes! These companies have awesome offices with great ambience & free food on the house. Wouldn’t you be excited, if you can get a similar experience for your remote office or a start-up in heart of Gurgaon without huge investments.

The office pass or TOP (as he calls it fondly) a co-working office space founded by him promises the same. So, I stopped by to check out his flagship office at JMD Megapolis, Sohna road, Gurugram.

Oh Man! you must see it to believe it. The office has a very nice and vibrant feeling. You get to enjoy a cozy yet comfortable work space of your own for a very small fee. You can pick the seat as per your mood for the day, bean bags with a backdrop of beach mural on the wall, colourful conference room to my favourite putting green flooring.

I believe that spaces like these let you focus on your work instead of worrying about day to day operational issues like maintenance, housekeeping and most important security. And to top it all you are working in the company of like-minded people with loads free flowing dose of caffeine.

(Got a chance to be part of photo shoot for website)

You can also experience this wonderful & affordable shared office space in gurugram. Visit the site or call them up at+91 8999 82 82 82 for your 3 day The Office Pass for Free (Pro Tip: If you are starting up a new venture, catch up with Aditya over coffee and who knows !!!)

Wish you all the best for your success Aditya, keep inspiring and motivating millennial to create the next Facebook and Google out of lively office space instead of garage & I’ll be back for some cold coffee!






2 responses to “Coolest co-working space in gurgaon”

  1. Ranjit Ryan Avatar
    Ranjit Ryan

    Looks good Amit! Co-working hubs are great for young entrepreneurs to connect, build relationships and more importantly – serve as sounding boards and guides for each other.

  2. Riya Pandey Avatar
    Riya Pandey

    Nice Blog. Good Going.

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