Google Chrome – First look

I have downloaded  Google chrome today. I am impressed in the first glance. Though it will take some more time to understand how will the brower perform. BUt few features which make it stands out are ;

a) Neat and clean look : A new browsing experience and the window seems to gain that extra screen space. The tabs and search bar are intelligently integrated in the browser. Every pixel is optimally utilized.  

b) One stop shop : Search , Address bar, suggestive search all integrated in one box. Google makes me LAZZZZY

c) Most visited site : Hmmm… nice tool. I would not say amazing but useful (advertisers will love google for this) 

d) Browsing history : Smart way to display  history along with time of visit.

More to come ….






5 responses to “Google Chrome – First look”

  1. Tejas Lakhani Avatar

    Yeah Amit.
    You are right…..
    Google has also made me lazyyy…. 😉 but we can say it other way like it saves lotsa time…. 🙂 so always to utilize that to some other priorities in life.

    I have also tried Chrome today and now working on chromium. let’s see the performance.
    I have also posted about it on my blog.

  2. realnep Avatar

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  3. rp Avatar

    chrome is a neat idea! but did you check on webkit (safari or chrome) it has a marvellously massive horizontal scrollbar.

  4. amit Avatar

    Hi RP, Thanks for the feedback. We are already working on the same.

  5. James Avatar

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