Life in Google Age

Life in Google Age

The above image may look a bit funny or a bit too exaggerated but I believe that we live in Google Age. To me Google is synonym to Internet. Google as homepage tells me that I am connected to rest of the world and my system is breathing.  

It’s the nerve cell of information for millions like me. From finding a store next door to information on stars millions of light year away everything can be goggled.  I like to Google myself and would feel on top of the cyber world the day googling Amit Gupta will show me on top of Google search. To me that is the symbol of being arrived on Internet.


Can’t think of a life without Google. Happy Googling!!!





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  1. […] chai-pani for activation). The connectivity was erratic and connection tag slow. I relied on the internet god to check the connectivity. But little did I realize that there more to internet beyond google. […]

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