My new mobile Nokia E63

It has been now three days, and initial euphoria has died down. I feel this is a good time to write about my new possession a Nokia E63. 

There are three small stories behind my new mobile.

  – Deciding on the mobile

  – Moving from Touch screen to Keyboard based phone

  – Joy of learning

Deciding the mobile: This is the most difficult part of the complete process. My previous mobile, good old pal for close to 3 years was a Windows based iMate Jam (Now this model is discontinued). A touch screen based yet very sturdy device. I bought this from US (no, it was not company sponsored trip, I went there on self paid family holidays). Few pics of that memorable trip are posted here. I seem to be drifting too much, so coming back to my mobile. Now this mobile of mine was in very bad shape, so much so that it can’t even handle meager 9 calls I received daily (2 Business calls, 4 Marketing calls and 3  missed calls from my wife ). So finally I gave into the business pressure.. On second thought peer pressure I decided to move on and buy a new handset for myself.

The hunt was spread evenly on online media (google, gsmarena, gadetsguru, compareindia), peer discussion, online reviews cutting across brands like (htc, Nokia, Samsung, Asus, iMate). The last round was between Asus 522w (better processor), htc touch viva (Full touch windows mobile) and Nokia E63 (Non touch but my trusted brand for 4 initial years 5110 & 6110) and this was also the order of personal preference. Asus 522w and HTC touch are windows 6.1 touch based mobiles and Nokia use Symbian platform. In this round Asus lost, as this cool gadget was way over my budget (Cost approx INR 19000 in Delhi).

So the final round was played between HTC and Nokia (INR12-13K), wherein Nokia won by overwhelming majority on features and trustworthiness (Thanks friends, and a special thanks to facebook which fasten the process of feedback). The next dilemma was to choose from the three stunning color offered by Nokia (Red, Blue and Black), so I went back to facebook and asked friends. The winner turned out to be Nokia E63 Ruby Red (BTW if you notice the poll was hacked by my wife, she has ordered err…voted for RED. )

Moving from Touch screen to Keyboard based phone : Before that I forgot to mention the features of E63. This is primary a form based business phone and pack most of the essential features. Some of the highlights being ;
–        QWERT keyboard
–        EGPRS and GPRS
–        110 MB internal memory
–        1GB Micro SD card (Included in the box)
–        USB Cable  (Included in the box, wonder why don’t they use standard mini USB port)
–        WLAN/WIFI support (Work well with my Linksys WiFi @ home)
–        Open office & Acrobat reader
–        2 MP fixed focus camera with flash

For more detailed specifications check out Nokia’s official site.

Primarily, I had to move from a full touch screen based mobile to full QWERTY format. Few initial hiccups

 – By instinct I tap on the screen to click.   

 – Look for stylus to write J

 – Have to deal with 47 buttons on Nokia instead of 4 on iMate

 – No single button to lock/unlock the screen

 – Go to webbed clicks to reach the folders


But But But….now I am coming with terms to this. I now able to figure out where to reach out on keyboard.


And finally Joy of learning : I was overwhelmed to see my mom learning how to click photo from the mobile. She tried couple of times and managed decent images. But the best part was when I clicked her. She quickly removed her spectacles and posed for the photo shoot. I have not posted the image anywhere as she has asked me not to share it.

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  1. puneet Avatar

    cute….very cute post.
    acha lag raha hai aaj ke yug me non touch screen phone le ke?? 🙂

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  4. Mobile Comparison Website Avatar
    Mobile Comparison Website

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