“Remember to Forgot” on Login Screen -Vistara Mobile App

Hey Vistara, I am all ready to fly the new feeling. Downloaded the Vistara App from play store for web check-in or should I say App Check-in.

I failed at the first step. I have no clue on the username / Pin combination. There is already a long list of username/ passwords occupying space in my mind , can’t add one more ( Especially when I am not a frequent flier with you, as of today).

It seems you have forgot the “Forgot Pin” and somehow remembered “Remember Me” link on the app.


I tried couple of times to best of my effort. First to guess the password and then in hope to see a link to generate a new password. But the screen only displays the below message.


The extensive menu as a guest login didn’t help either. But I am impressed with the flow and structure of the menu, looks so logical. You Login > Book Flight > Manage > Check-in (This is the step whehe I entered the app)> Flight Status.



Moved on from app and tried the web and bingo! the forget option is present right there. Did I hear someone say “Remember Me” option is missing 🙂  And in the whole process I moved from “App” to “Web”


Mobile apps ecosystem is growing and people are catching up to it. There are lots of users who are the Web Generation (Already using your products on web browsers) and a first timer to Apps. The transition to the app should be seamless and more customised to ensure repeat usage.

Unfortunately the apps and web still running in silos and more often than not are managed by separate teams, But the consistency in user Interface & User Experience is the key.



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