The Seagate FreeAgent and I Contest

Seagate external drive

There is a interesting contest running on Indian Blog and new Media Society .

The Contest
You have to write a blog entry on the following topic: Seagate FreeAgent Family and I: What would be the most creative use I could put it to if I had one? And what would I expect from Seagate’s storage solutions that will enhance my content management experience?

So here are my thoughts on the use of Seagate FreeAgent external storage drive (This is my wishlist).

I am looking for “my space” to be myself and do what I want to do and be what I want to be. For my kind of space there should be no boundries and limitations to the imagination and the performance. My space should be like open to the world like me. It should be able to handshake with everyone and adabtable to available technologies. Should grow and learn with me and my requirements (upgradable software and intelligence). It should be with me and  move with me like my shadow (nice, compact and portable).

Now what would I do with if all of the above come true:

It would be nice to have only computer screens (laptop and desktop) and a place to plug and play your own drive. So there would be no dependency and boundries of sytems and places. So everyone can just move around freely and still carry one’s own world with them 😉

2 responses to “The Seagate FreeAgent and I Contest”

  1. Anwin Avatar

    Hi Amit, reached here through the IndiBlogger Delhi NCR blogger meet page. Looking forward to meet with you and other Delhi bloggers.


    P.S:- Like the theme. I myself had used a variation of this theme a couple of years back on my blog 🙂

  2. Amit Gupta Avatar

    @Anwin Thanks for visiting me.

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