Uber Tujhe Mujhpe Bharosa Nai Kya

Dear Uber,

Thanks for bringing the comfort (well, at-least the cost advantage) of shared ride in our lives. Your payment integration with PayTM has also taken care of “Khulle paise nahin hai” and obviously a big support to cashless economy.

I also love to pay for transactions transactions and have my PayTM wallet linked. And PayTM have been flexible with my money decision.

paytm limit for adding money to waller

I have freedom to maintain whatever balance and even nil balance in my account. My transactions seamless even on low balance as my card back-fill it with required funds.

Uberpool is a small transaction prepaid product and I have to share ride with 3 total strangers you patch me up for my ride.

“Uber Mujhe Tujhpe Bharosa Hai Na”

But to spend Rs 99 with you I have to prove that I am worth is Rs 350. I am totally stumped here.

“Uber Tujhe Mujhpe Bharosa Nai Kya”

Uber insufficient funds to take ride

But why do you need me to spend (or block as you may say) Rs. 350 for a Rs 99 ride. Even a five star hotel don’t block my card for more that the total cost of my stay commitment.

You can’t be blocking 3.5 times the cost of future service (Fixed by you and agreed by me). The feature to block journey cost definitely make sense to avoid misuse by few and in business interest.

Rs 350 is minimum requirement to book a ride with Uber. WHY ?

  • The money is just blocked and not kept in Uber wallet, so the loyalty and repeat business logic may not apply.
  • For a return journey an addition of Rs 350 may not be enough 🙁  I’ll have balance of less that 350 for journey back. Convenience goes for a toss.
  • The uberpool fare are point to point and fixed, so extra charge may not apply.
  • PayTM has no such restriction in their wallet.

Thank You

A Rider

Update: 09 October 2017

“Uber Tune Mera Blog Pada Kya”

Wow! so the minimum balance is reduced to 200 now from 350. A little relief , but you didn’t fail to surprize me yet again.

“Uber 76 Paise Ka Mol Nahin Kya? “

I diligently added the suggested amount though it was more than my total fare. But you would not let me have the pleasure of the comfortable ride. WHY ?

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