Why do customer buy our products

Why do customer buy our products?


a) We feel your product is the latest.

b) We have a best marketing plan.

c) We have the best solution for the customer need.


Obviously C, customers buy our product not for any other reason. Customers will be happy and keeping come back to us if we keep meeting their need. We should strive to not only meet but exceed customer’s expectations. And while doing so there are moments where the customer feels delighted.


The delight come from the “experiences ” we give to the customers and not the product. The experience offered to customers at every stage of product and sales cycle. This may come from things as simple as speaking to the customer about his experience with the product and getting his viewpoint to improve the product.


These experiences are used to sell products also. One such beautiful example is recent advertisement of “Reliance Mobile”. Amazing execution of the advertisement has translated a simple message of wider connectivity in a soul touching experience.


The storyline is set in a backdrop of temples in high-rise Himalayas. A couple is praying for the whole family and suddenly the lady realizes something… Calls up the dadi (Grand mom) and let her hear the sound of temple bells. This is a divine experience for the dadi and she feels like being present right there in the temple.

Great experience. And emotions sell well in India.






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  1. Saurav Bansal Avatar
    Saurav Bansal

    I agree with Amit on the issue of “Customer Delight”, and related issues to it like positive word of mouth, repeat purchase, loyality of customer towards Brand.
    But is it only this?
    How can it work without a marketing plan.
    A sound position must pass the IDU Test:
    Important to customer?
    Deliverable by the firm?

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