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  • Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1

    Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1

      I have just checked out Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 version and Firefox3. I would not be comparing them but there are certain new feature I liked about both of them. But the most exciting feature to me is Actiities in IE8. I lets to do certain activities on the webpage you are working…

  • No Gates for Windows

    No Gates for Windows

    Bill Gates call it a day at Microsoft , the giant software empire he has founded and build over last 33 years. A richest man on the world for many years will now focus on philanthropy.  Time will tell the impact of this change on Microsoft.                                                   

  • Let’s go shopping. Yahoo!

    Let’s go shopping. Yahoo!

    Three more days of agonizing wait when I’ll get to see my bank account buzz with my monthly funding (My Salary But of course). On my shopping list would be grocery, vegetables, household stuff and woof… my account will be looking like a desert by 10th of the month. This left me wondering what people…