Reissue of Indian Passport at Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) Gurgaon

Passport Seva Kendra better known as PSK are launched by Ministry of external affairs in partnership with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to facilitate and simplify the process of issue of Indian passport. They promise a much better infrastructure and facilities than the days when I ran from pillar to post for Reissue of passport after expiry of 10 years validity or stood in scorching sun at RPO Bhikaji Cama Place for issue of passport for minor daughter.

We don’t use passport as primary proof of address or identity so this time round when my wife’s passport was up for reissue after 10 years there were lots of changes to be made:
a. Change of name (Surname post marriage)
b. Change of address
c. Change of Signature
d. Addition of spouse name

For any change in passport particulars you are issued a new booklet so we thought it makes sense to get the address changed as well as getting the spouse name added in passport together after a span of almost 10 years.

Now RPO (Regional passport offices) at Delhi no longer accept passport applications so we identified the nearest PSK. The gurgaon PSK is located at MM Towers, Plot No. 8 & 9, Phase IV, Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon.

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But before that there is much more to be done. The complete application and appointment process is now managed on instead the old passport site Follow these steps to initiate the process :

– Register on the site and create a username & password.
– Fill the online application form
– Submit the form online
– Select a date and time for the appointment (The toughest of all). The online appointments are available for booking every day exactly at 6:00 pm and all the slots across all PSK get’s over in a minutes. So need to be extremely lucky to get through in one try. It took us three days 🙂
– Take printout of the appointment confirmation
Appointment for passport at PSK

Now another challenge was to ensure that all the necessary documents (original and self attested photocopies) are collected and checked before the appointment date. In our case we need the following documents :

a. Old Passport in original
b. Self-attested photocopy of its first two and last two pages
c. Self-attested photocopy of ECR/Non-ECR page & the page of observation
d. Marriage certificate
e. Proof of address (Aadhaar Letter/Card is accepted as proof of address (PoA) and Photo identity (PoI))
f. Husband’s Passport (I got my passport reissue when PSK were not there)
g. Annexure I – Affidavit & Annexure F – Verification Certificate (In case of Tatkaal )

We reached at PSK loaded with all the documents well before the appointment time. The office opens at 9:00 and there is no proper parking available. Most of the vehicles are parked on the road.

PSK are literally a joint venture between MEA & TCS as the complete process is divided in 4 parts and first two are taken care by TCS and rest by MEA employees.

TCS role
– Issue of token & file at the reception. The TCS staff does a preliminary scrutiny of your application and documents. If they find the documents in order they make a application file with all relevant documents (We carried extra documents as precaution)and issue a token number. A printed slip pasted on the file explains rest of the process as A – B – C – exit

Section A : There are 10-12 desk manned by TCS employees. They once again verify the original document and then scan & upload them. They also click your photograph and take finger print scan. The complete process take less than 5 mins. Process to section B cake walk huh ! wait till you get pass section B and C.

Government Employees
Section B : There are three B counters (B1, B2 and B3) for all the people who are been cleared by TCS staff. AND Here comes the passport officers appointed by Govt. Their only task is to verify the documents which has already been done twice. But there are 10 employees feeding 1 application each every minute to 3 officials. Outcome can’t be simpler than a room full of sweating and cursing applicants. Remember we are in Gurgaon so half of them would be cursing in fake American accent.

And as the luck would have been , while we were waiting for our turn these officials seemingly went on a flash strike or something. Apparently not happy with the way TCS guys were working. So now imagine TCS guys are working at the same pace and adding applicants to the queue, there is nothing moving at stage two. Luckily they got back to work in hour or so.

Section C : There are three C counters (C1, C2 and C3) manned by senior passport officers and doing …. guess what ? Checking the papers. But they have the final say in the whole process as they sign the acknowledgement for the acceptance of your application. Also the old passport is stamped as cancelled.

Now the final step. The application file has to be submitted at the exit gate and a receipt is issued. The gate are opened for you and you are a free bird. But you can’t fly yet …

Update 1 (13th Feb 2013) : Status Changed to – Police Verification has been initiated on Post PV basis to SP Office, District North West Delhi. Printing of your passport is in progress at the Passport office.

Update 2 (15th Feb 2013) : Status Changed to – Your Passport has been printed and You would receive an sms/email once the passport is dispatched.

Update 3 (17th Feb 2013) : Police verification done.

Update 4 (18th Feb 2013) : Status Changed to – Passport application is under review at Regional Passport Office.
Passport Application is under review at Regional Passport office
Update 5 (19th Feb 2013) : Passport Received but the Status on the site is still Passport application is under review at Regional Passport Office.

Update 6 (20th Feb 2013) : Passport XXXXXXXXX has been dispatched on 19/02/2013 via Speed Post Tracking Number EDXXXXXXXXXIN.
Passport status

22 responses to “Reissue of Indian Passport at Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) Gurgaon”

  1. […] (Feb 13, 2013) : My wife has applied for reissue of passport with change in name and addition of spouse name under Tatkal and got it within 4 working […]

  2. […] wife has applied for reissue of passport with change in name and addition of spouse name under Tatkal […]

  3. Passport Appointment Avatar
    Passport Appointment

    Very informatic post. Keep it up Dude

  4. Passport Appointment delhi Avatar
    Passport Appointment delhi


  5. Biju Menon Avatar
    Biju Menon

    Hi, I applied for reissue of passport from the Udyog Vihar Psk on 18-2-2014 as my previous pp had expired in August 2013. There are a few changes in : Current Address, Spouse’s name. From day 1 the status shows ‘Application under review at RPO’ I got an Sms stating that police has submitted clear report for my verification. My Permanent Address verification (Kolkata) is not yet done. I had applied under general. What will be the next process and by when can I expect my passport? Thanks in advance.

    1. Amit Gupta Avatar

      Normal passport application generally takes upto 60 days. Changes in personal details and adding spouse name has no effect on timeline.

      1. Shaleen Avatar

        Everyone lied to me (friends, family & TCS employees at PSK Gurgaon) that passport is issued in 3-4 weeks in normal process. I applied for renewal even though I had 7 months left before expiry. Now 1 month since applying in June 2015 I am sitting with no change in status from “application received”. I will have to let go off an international assignment as a result.

  6. Biju Menon Avatar
    Biju Menon

    Hello, the status changed to ‘ SP office has submitted your verification. Passport is being printed now’. Tentatively, when can I expect to receive my Passport. Regards,

    1. Amit Gupta Avatar

      You must have recd it by now ! It generally take less than a week after printing.

      1. Biju Menon Avatar
        Biju Menon

        Hello Amit,
        Thanks for the response. No, I have not received the PP. The status still shows under printing.Could this delay be on account of the backlog due to shortage of booklets.

        It would be nice to hear your understanding of this situation.

        Thanks in advance.

  7. anuj Avatar


    My wife has to apply passport for my 7 months kid under tatkal. I know the list of required document but there are questions related to them:
    1) My sworn affidavit (as I am out side india) has my wife’s name after marriage; similarly Birth certificate also has written in same way (my wife’s name after marriage).

    2) My wife’s passport has her name before marriage with spouse name endorse in it.

    now will it create any issue while applying for my kid’s passport, I searched a lot but not finding any answer of it 🙁

    1. Kiran Avatar

      HI Anuj,

      Did you get passport for your 7 month kid without having to change your wife passport to match after marriage name?

      I have the same case but my wife needs to travel in another 20 days time to join back in office.

      Pls share your experience.

  8. chintan Avatar

    What to do after following process

    Update 1 (13th Feb 2013) : Status Changed to – Police Verification has been initiated on Post PV basis to SP Office, District North West Delhi. Printing of your passport is in progress at the Passport office.

    go with plice station or no need to go police statuion

  9. […] Passport Seva Kendra higher referred to as PSK are launched by Ministry of exterior affairs in partnership with Tata Consultancy Providers (TCS) to facilitate and simplify the method of situation of Indian passport. They promise a a lot better infrastructure and amenities than the times once I ran from pillar to submit for Reissue of passport after expiry of 10 years validity or stood in scorching solar at RPO Bhikaji Cama Place for challenge of passport for … Continue reading → […]

  10. Divjot Hersheys Singh Avatar
    Divjot Hersheys Singh

    Well I applied for PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) on 1.August.2014; & its 6.AUGUST.2014 … The status still shows – Ur application for PCC IS FOLLOWED TO THE SP OFFICE, GURGAON…..URGHHH ….AM SO PISSED OF RIGHT NOW, WHY ITS TAKING SO MUCH TIME TO START THE PRE VERIFICATION PROCESS ..JUST DO IT AND HANDLE ME THE PCC …

  11. BSNL gram seva kendra Rajasthan

    […] Reissue of Indian Passport at Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) Gurgaon […]

  12. JSR Avatar

    My wife’s passport pages exhausted. Being frequent flyer, She applied at Gurgaon under Tatkal assuming she will get it fast. Surprisingly during appointment she was asked to submit approved affidavit from a judge or magistrate or police SP taking guarantee. We requested one officer, he said correctly “Mam, are you mad. Do I know you? No officer will take guarantee on your identity” that’s true.
    Why these officers will provide you affidavit unless they are personally known to you. And how many people have close relations with these officers.
    Surprisingly there are no such conditions if you apply under general quota.
    We lost money under Tatkal. Reapplied under Genaral Quota. Now waiting for police verification. 15 days past, no progress.
    2 months past just to reissue a passport.
    Still we say our systems are perfect


    applied for passport for my wife. Already done a lot of home work by learning from other’s experience on net but surprisingly environment was cool and no extra documents demanded like annexure I of any kind of affidavit.Received passport exactly on 14th Day .
    Overall a very nice experience.

  14. zehra atal Avatar
    zehra atal

    I need to renew my daughters passport in Gurgaon. She is a child with special needs.
    I shall be grateful if someone to advice what is the best and fastest way to get it done.
    Shall be grateful.


  15. 33Maira Avatar

    You write interesting articles

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