Trip to Vaishno Devi

I am back in Delhi after a three day trip to Vaishno Devi. The trip was thought and planned a month ag0, But all my planning failed (2 set of cancelled train and hotel bookings) and like every time we were rushing to catch the bus. whatever…


The journey and the destination was worth the effort. It was such a nice weather all through the journey. Everytime I visit the place I seems to be discovering something new and mystical. By the way in a rare occurence (at least for me) I was fortunate to visit the Ardhakuwari temple and the ancient cave of Vaishno Devi in single trip.


View From Our Room

After a trek of 13 km we reached the bhawan (the main temple) and stayed in the room there. And I have the surprize view from my room’s balcony. Our balcony faced the bhawan. We had a full view of the temple from our balcony. It was really a divine experience.

Some of the natural beauty we discovered on the way :


Natural Spring






09. December 2008 by Amit Gupta
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  1. very wond. ful place

  2. Hi this is vishal nahar please tell me about Natural Spring which place to take photo. I am going to vaishno devi on Jan 2012. I am waiting your reply

  3. Where exactly did you stay in Katra?

    I loved the view of Bhawan from your Hotel balcony and would like to know which hotel is this?

  4. This is very nice blog.nice place to gather information regarding tour and trave if you want to get know about religious place visit

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