why am i not working

don’t ask why i am writing this post just one week into the new job.  Oh btw did i i tell you that i have joined the communities team at times internet limited. I’ll be working out from their swanky office on golf course road in gurgaon on  a social bookmarking site http://hotklix.com

Coming back to the post, there is no fault of mine , its actually how life plays dirty games with you. Now you tell me what will a child of lesser god like me will do if struck in my position.

i am all confused in choosing between luxuries of mortal world , spirituality and the work.  Now sitting here on my desk this is what i look around.

office machaan Temple

Office                                 Machaan                                 Temple

in office, i have all my colleagues slogging hard for the next performance review a year ahead , which will get them the next car or a house or a wife

looking at the temple, people are trying to get moksha to get rid of all the troubles in life. but i don’t want to die now to get it.

the last option is the machaan across the road, let me exggagerate for you, its a strip down version of swarg (the heaven) where you are served sura (wine) with live music. you pay for it with money and not your good deeds.

tell me what to do ? days are just passing by and i can’t decide…

09. October 2009 by Amit Gupta
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  2. First thing in the morning visit the Temple.

    Then work hard in the Office.

    In the late evening play safe at the Machaan.

    Don’t forget to go home … 🙂

  3. probably you should keep working in office and then go to machaan for fun, party hard, drink a lot… if you feel like guilt after all this go to temple and ask god to forgive you, otherwise if not, still go to temple requesting god to keep your life same way 😉 and then back to office and so on

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