Diwali brings back so many sweet memories of childhood. The celebrations used to start a month in advance with Dusshera holidays and Ramlila.

Ramlila always meant swings and food. My father would drive us to ramlila maidan at red fort. We would straight head to the food stalls and give the stage performance complete miss 🙂

My grandfather would buy us such a big load of fire crackers that they last for 15 days. There was so much fun keeping the stock of crackers and dividing them for all the days. The biggest and loudest of all were saved for the big day. And the lesser one were assigned for Choti Diwali and other build up events.

The only thing more exciting on the D day except the crackers was the pocket money distributed to everyone after the pooja. And there were so many of them within the large joint family. That fortune would add up more than 6 months of regular pocket money. The next few days would spend in planning on how to spend the fortune.

Now everything has changed. I don’t remember when I last visited the ramlila ground but what I miss the most is the pocket money. How much I miss those good old childhood days…






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