Food @ 29000 ft

After a usual delay of 2 hours I took off to Kolkata (City of Joy).  By now you would have realized how much I hate air travel. This time I am traveling Jet Air, which is one of the finest airlines. Thanks to web check in facility, I managed a first row seat in economy class (Advantage to spread your legs and relax a bit).


So I felt like being from upper middle class 😉 where all the middle class cramped in their seats. And like all upper middle class who are aspirant to become upper class (Business Class travelers) I wanted to feel the luxury they have.


And as the luck would have due to the wardrobe malfunction (Not the one at Fashion Ramp but the curtain diving the two sections in aircraft) the last row of Business class was straight in my line of sight. I envy the way they were pampered with choice of cuisine.


Though the food served to us was excellent but the pastures are always green on the other side. So, I dig into my breakfast thinking how soon I’ll be part of the upper class.






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