New life in my home

Hold your gun man and don’t jump to conclusions and don’t go by the post image at all. Its not me and monica in the pic, I am talking about …well why don’t you read below.

Wow ! great to see my garden getting inhabited by a new couple (weaver bird but off course). They have build up a nice cozy home for themselves (see images of the progress in last 15-20 days). 

 Nest of weaver bird Weaver Birds , nest and eggs Weaver bird nest                   

         July 02, 2009                         July 09, 2009                       July 16, 2009

Like a typical middle class Indian neigbour I peeped into their home on pretext of borrowing some sugar 🙂  (Actually I wanted to see the interiors) And I was pleasently surprized to see my new neigbours are on family way. There were two beautifule little blue eggs holding life in them. 

I’m eagerly waiting for the new borns to arrive.






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