Removal of HP (hypothecation) from RC in Gurgaon

Car Loan Paid ! What a relief and now the next big thing is the removal of hypothecation from the RC and really own the car :). This calls for a visit to the RTO office or in this case eSeva kendra situated at the ground floor of Mini Secretariat, Rajiv Chowk, Gurgaon

Just remember to carry the following documents for the smooth transfer of vehicle to your name & removal of HP from RC:

In original:
– Bank NOC (No Objection Certificate) Bank NOC is generally valid upto 3 months from the date of issue but check with your bank.
– Vehicle RC (Registration Copy)
– Original Form 35 (2 copies duly signed by the bank)
– Loan Closure Letter
– Affidavit (10 Rs Stamp paper)
Important : Keep a copy for your records as original NOC is submitted to the RTO.

Attested Copies:
– Valid insurance
– Valid PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate
– PAN Card
– Address Proof (if you wish to change your address details in RC than you need to pay additional fee and a application on a plain sheet)

Tip : You can get the affidavit and all the documents attested right in the court premise. Total cost less than 100 Rs for everything.

The Visit to eSeva Kendra 07 July 2014

eSeva kendra is situated at the ground floor of the Mini Secretariat and easily reachble from NH8. It is a simple two step process comprising of verifying documents and deposit of fee.

Counter 4 – Earmarked for verification and submission of documents : Head straight to the counter for verification of documents. Inform the staff about change in address if any in advance for noting on application.

Counter 1 – Deposit of fee : The fee for removal of hypothecation is Rs 200 (Two hundred only) and for change of address is rs. 100 (One Hundred Only)

Once you deposit the fee go back to counter 4 and deposit the documents. You will get a receipt for the same mentioning the expected date of collection of new RC. This is usually 15 days from the day of application.

So, No bribe and whole process took less than 10 minutes.

The Visit to eSeva Kendra 28 July 2014

Received the updated copy of RC issued in my name  from counter 4 (less than 5 min). I applied for change of address also, the same was also updated.

Tip : You should get your RC laminated right away , this facility is available in the court complex.

Update: 25th April 2017

Thanks to comments by Sumit Sharma

1. eSeva Kendra work till 1 PM only

2. Fee has been revised to INR 250 for removal of hypothecation from RC

Update: 17th Jan 2018

Thanks to comments by AnilPuneet Taneja for updation on the latest process process for removal of HP from car at Gurgaon RTO.

You can pay the fee online and check the status of you application





61 responses to “Removal of HP (hypothecation) from RC in Gurgaon”

  1. Isiah Avatar

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts
    and I am waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.

  2. Vinay Valecha Avatar
    Vinay Valecha

    (Visit data: 27-09-2014)
    Thanks Amit, I followed same as you mentioned and found the process very easy. Some more things, one can do;
    Firstly, for address change one can use Form 33 ( inspite of application on plain paper for address change.
    secondly, for affidavit and attested copies, one can take help from notary sits close to e-seva kendra. It will take around 100rs and make a affidavit and attest all your duplicate copies and arrange them well in order.
    Whole process took around 1 hour and no need of agents or bribe.

    1. Amit Gupta Avatar

      Hi Vinay, Thanks for updated link. I am sure this will help the readers.

  3. rajiv Avatar

    Hi, Thanks for info.

    presently I am not in Gurgaon , can I send someone and get the hypothecation removed. will send across all documents.
    or is it mandatory for me to be there in person

  4. abhishek Avatar

    Is eSeva Kendra remains open on saturday also? pls let me know.

    thanks in advance

  5. Ajay Bankoti Avatar
    Ajay Bankoti

    Amit, Thanks for your time and efforts in helping others.

  6. Pankaj Batra Avatar

    The fee for removal of hypothecation is Rs 100 only and not 200. They give receipt of Rs 100 only, 100 Rs is extra bribe they are charging in open.

  7. Ghanshyam Avatar

    Hi Amit,

    Do they ask residence proof as well if change of address is required. If yes, what document is acceptable?

    1. Updesh Avatar

      The fee is 200, they give two receipts with 2 receipt numbers.

    2. Vipin Bhardwaj Avatar
      Vipin Bhardwaj

      Hi Ghanshyam,

      Yes, it is mandatory and they ask for a govt service bill – water/electricity or registered rent agreement as an address proof.

  8. sunny Avatar

    dear amit ji

    can you please guide me how to write a letter to rto about hypothecation removal on company letterhead

  9. Vipin Bhardwaj Avatar
    Vipin Bhardwaj

    Hi Amit,

    Thanks for sharing this information and i submitted all documents and got acknowledgement receipt in total of 45-50 mins.

    They however charge INR200 for HP removal whereas fee is INR100.

  10. Amit Gujargoud Avatar
    Amit Gujargoud

    Hi Amit,

    Post is very helpful! it gives idea about the process and documents needed. however, in Mini secretariat its all messy , they havent even mentioned the direcitons for e-seva kendra and then once you reach to e-seva kendra there are no counter numbers. but the counter numbers mentioned in this post should help us as you can ask there where is counter ##.

    i did not have anything as address proof, sole rent agreement is not acceptable, they either need bank address,phone bill/water bill, passport, gas connection etc, I did not had anything either. So i had to request a bit and he agreed to accept my address mentioned in company letter head .

    total it took me 1 hour to get everything , no bribe. but actual fee is 100/- but they charge 200/- openly.


    1. Deependra Avatar

      Hi Amit,

      I am living on rent in Gurgaon & my car also registered to the same address. In this case what address proof he needs.
      Is it ok if i go with 2 address proof of my owner? or also need rent agreement for the current year?
      Plz reply.
      Thanks in advance.

  11. make money Avatar
    make money

    Hello mates, how is the whole thing, and what you desire to say on the topic of this post, in my view its really awesome designed for me.

  12. Kriti Uppal Avatar
    Kriti Uppal

    Small World! After reading the entire blog post my eyes went towards the left side of the post and i saw you! great job Mr. Gupta 🙂 You are helping loads of people through your posts. Great work, keep it up!
    Kriti Uppal

    1. Amit Gupta Avatar

      Thank you Kirti. Hope the post helped you also.

      1. Kriti Uppal Avatar
        Kriti Uppal

        Indeed it is extremely helpful!

  13. Varun Chadha Avatar
    Varun Chadha

    Great Post Amit Gupta, You know what its been almost 1 month that i have taken NOC from my bank however i was unknown to the process to Get NEW RC wuthout bank hypothecation and i almost booked a midiator to do this process however i got my confidence boosted after reading your post … love u brother and keep helping the common public .

    Varun Chadha

    1. Amit Gupta Avatar

      Thanks Varun. I am glad that you found this useful. The process is pretty simple and seamless. Good luck.

    2. Yogendra Avatar

      Hi Varun,
      Did you get your address also changed ?

    3. Amit Gupta Avatar
      Amit Gupta

      Thanks Varun for kind words.

  14. Yogendra Avatar

    Hi Amit,
    Thats a great guidance. I went to RTO today there I found on a board that for address change one requires some form 33 and an affidavit on Rs 10 Paper. Is it true.

  15. Sumit Sharma Avatar
    Sumit Sharma

    Thanks Amit for this post. This was really helpful in submitting my documents in just 15 minutes and spending INR 380. The Only thing one should ensure is the proper documentation. One should be ready with Attested copies of PUC, Insurance and PAN Card along with an affidavit on 10Rs. stamp paper. You can get this printed as well as attest these documents from court which is next to Mini Secretariat building. Would like to share few pointers :

    1. They work till 1 PM only

    2. Fee has been revised to INR 250 for removal of hypothecation from RC

    1. Amit Gupta Avatar
      Amit Gupta

      Thanks. Updating the post accordingly.

  16. Luvnish rana Avatar
    Luvnish rana

    Hi Amit, i just wanted to know, should i attach electricity bill as an address proof, as we are on rent in Gurgaon DLF Ph-2.

  17. Kamlesh Varma Avatar
    Kamlesh Varma

    Thanks for very informative post.

    I have a query: I got my car registered in Gurgaon as I was staying there on rent. Now that I have moved to my flat in Greater Noida, can address change be done without changing RTO.

  18. Kamaljeet singh Avatar
    Kamaljeet singh

    Hi Amit
    I want to remove HP from rc so please let me know can I send someone else to complete the process (friend or relative) or I’ve to do by self.

    1. Amit Gupta Avatar
      Amit Gupta

      Sending someone should not be a problem.

  19. Anil Avatar

    Thanks for the post. It’s helpful.

    Two questions:
    1. Can you give directions to reach notary to get stamp paper and attest documents.

    2. Affidavit – Do we have to submit blank stamp paper or get something typed and then submit?

    I have paid fee online at
    So hoping that I don’t have to do anything now at counter 1.


    1. Amit Gupta Avatar
      Amit Gupta

      The Stamp paper and notary sits in the court complex only (walking distance)

    2. Puneet Taneja Avatar
      Puneet Taneja

      Unfortunately, I am not able to do this online – getting the following on entering the details _

      “Combination of Registration/Chasis No is not valid!!!”

    3. Anil Avatar

      Submitted my application for removing hypothecation from RC @ Gurgaon RTO.

      Seems some change in steps hence sharing my experience.

      – I paid fee online (INR 200) before approaching RTO .

      – Went to Counter 4 with documents who checked if documents are complete.
      – I was then asked to goto counter no 1 for verification
      – Post that I was asked to goto other hall @counter 1 for fee payment (INR 250). This was over and above to what I paid online (INR) . I was told that w/o online payment, total fee would be INR 480
      – Next I was told to visit counter 4 again.
      – Counter 4 person then directed me to person on counter 2 who checked something.
      – Back to counter 4 and application receipt was given
      – I was told new RC would be sent by post after 15-20 days.

      Overall 1 hr time

      Note: Only Affidavit is required to be attested and rest of documents are accepted with self attestation.

      1. Puneet Taneja Avatar
        Puneet Taneja

        Thanks a lot for updated info.

        I am thinking of going there in coming week. 9:30AM in the morning should be OK ?

        Where did you got that affidavit made ? Court next door ?

        1. Anil Avatar

          Yes sooner you go the better. It will also save you from parking hassle as later parking gets full and then people start parking as per their wish.

          For affidavit- enter the premise main gate and then first building will be where you have to get you RC work done. On right it’s the court building. Further right immediately outside boundary wall it’s covered place where many notary sits. They have standard templates available for all work.

          I reached at 11 so it took 1 hr but I believe going earlier will help.

          1. Puneet Taneja Avatar
            Puneet Taneja

            Thanks for the info !
            Final question – I have all the documents ready, except that I forgot Aadhar card at home. Do they see original in their verification process ?

          2. Amit Gupta Avatar
            Amit Gupta

            Keep us posted on Adhaar requirement, this may help many in future.

          3. Anil Avatar

            No they don’t see originals

            Self attested copy is required

          4. Puneet Taneja Avatar
            Puneet Taneja

            All in all took about 1 hour, process is kind of straight forward.
            No originals needed for verification.
            Affidavit costed 100rs + 480rs for removal + smart card.

            Saved about 4000 from dealer who quoted 4700 for getting this work done.

          5. Amit Gupta Avatar
            Amit Gupta

            Awesome and congratulations for saving Rs. 4000 🙂

          6. Anil Avatar

            You can check the status of you application at below link by either providing your application no or vehicle registration no


          7. SANJAY Avatar


            I have just filled in the Form, paid Rs. 500 online.

            Till which date i can submit these documents ?

            Also can you please share the address please.

          8. Anil Avatar

            Not sure. I went 1 mth after the submission of online application.

            You can search for “eSeva Kendra gurgaon” on google and you should have the location and map.

  20. Yogesh Kumar Avatar
    Yogesh Kumar

    hello Amit,
    i just want to know about validation of Noc from bank.

  21. Sanora Summerlin

    Removal of HP (hypothecation) from RC in Gurgaon – Amit Gupta

    […]You can set up your personal working relationship, but typically what occurs is that you will phone that individual first thing every Monday morning and have a 15-20 minute phone name.[…]

  22. Varun Singhal Avatar
    Varun Singhal

    hi team,

    I have submitted documents to remove HP on 15th March’18 but still has not received new RC.

    Could someone please tell me how much time it took for other to get new RC?

    And one more thing, i have checked status on parivahan site and its still showing approved.

    Please ans

    Varun Singhal

  23. Rajat Kulsshreshtha Avatar
    Rajat Kulsshreshtha

    Thanks Amit Gupta.. When i needed, your post was on the top. Gaining courage after reading your posts Today I could make it to the RTO Eseva kendra in Gurgaon.
    Most of things were same as are shared in teh post but the counters may differ in some cases. As i remember the sequence was 4,1,3 in Hall at the back side and then payment in the first hall which was quite messy with no queues but whosoever can push in would get it done sooner. The charges were 250 for Removing hypothecation and 200 for issuing smart card RC (which i think was kind of mandatory) and 30 for speed post to your address. So i was charged 480 for removal of Hypothecation. The documents:
    (1)Original RC
    (2)Affidavit on 10Rs stamp(costs around Rs 00 from nearby court premises, they have all the format and i could get it done in Rs 80 with Notary stamp)
    (3) Copy of PAN/ADHAR – self attested
    (4) Documents which Bank provides – 2 copies of form 35, NO dues/ NOC document, Bank statement(if bank has provided just to show that the loan account balance is zeroed out)
    (5) PUC – self attested
    (6) Valid Insurance copy – self attested

    If address change is also to be done additional fees and current address proof is required and more importantly you have to tell the same loudly at the first counter only else they will miss it – it happened with a person just before me.

    Once you pay and get the receipt you again have to submit the documents at the last counter(4) and they will give back the receiving which you can keep for records. They said that they will send it through speed post and in case of any issues later it can also be collected at the same counter.

    So all in all 2 hrs and 480 (fees)+ 80 (Affidavit) + 30 (parking) almost 600 rs i could get it through.

    There still are so many touts who will lure you but it really is not needed. The system still has to improve much. FOr the same work i was quoted 2500 by and agent who was connected to Hyundai showroom from where i bought my vehicle.

    Saving 1900 in a day – Not Bad
    Hope it helps Guys!!

  24. Apurv Avatar

    This was really helpful, I was prepared with all the documents.
    Affidavit (10Rs Stamp) – Notary charged 100 Rs
    PUC copy
    DL copy
    Original RC
    NOC from Bank
    Form 35 (2 copies)
    Aadhar Card Copy

    Also I got the address changed in my RC and added form 33 in my file

    I suggest that one should pay the fees online
    Smart Card RC-200Rs
    Address Change- 150Rs

    Anyways you will need to pay 250/- at the RTO (dont know what this is for may be a charge for the process.

    It was quite hassle free (much above my expectation) 😛

  25. Deepak Singh Avatar
    Deepak Singh

    Thanks Amit for details . This helped me to get HPA Termination done in no time .

    Apart from above mentioned article would like to add
    if you dont have address proof of Gurugram get a Rent agreement ready on 50 Rs Stamp paper . In Rent agreement it sud be mentioned that you are living there from more than 6 months.
    Once All documents are ready follow below steps

    1. Go to Counter 4 to get the docs verified
    2. Visit counter 8 ( last counter in right of 4) to get the token
    3. wait for your turn on counter 1 or 2 as both works for data entry
    4. Visit counter 1 in Hall No 1 for fee . 250 for HPA Cancellation , 200 for Smart Card , 30 for speed post . 480/- total
    5. With fee receipt Submit all documents on counter 4 and get the acknowledgement receipt.

    I submitted on 4 July 2018 and got the date 30 July for new RC collection.

  26. Vivek Singh Avatar
    Vivek Singh

    Removal of HP (hypothecation) from RC in Gurgaon
    Good morning all.
    Hi guys i have no idea about Rc hypothecation.My Loan has been closed from Hdfc bank and got NOC i have also done some formalities like 10Rs affidavit from court i asked some one for hypothecation but he told me charged about 2000 for all formalities .
    Now these i want to do own,my resident in somewhere mewat and all my id prof from same place but when i owns a car i used rent aggrement from Kasan Manaser BCS my relatives are from kasan and i stayed there but i dont have any id proof of kasan and my agent told me that without any id/address proof of (kasan) rto office cannot transfer rc on my name and same address mention on my rc that is (Kasan-Village) but i dont want to change my address.
    what documents i required for hypothetical if really i need a kasan address id proof .

  27. Lokesh Jindal Avatar
    Lokesh Jindal

    Hi Amit,
    Thanks for information. I want to transfer the car ownership on my name. I am not a permanent resident of Gurgaon but work in a private company based in Gurgaon. I can furnish rent agreement as the address of proof. Do you know if rent agreement will be accepted as a valid address proof or not?

  28. Manoj Goel Avatar
    Manoj Goel

    This post is really helpful and encouraged me to get the hypothecation removed from RC of my car. And I got the new RC delivered at my home in exactly 2 weeks from application date.
    I faced one surprise- I had a challan on my RC which I had paid but traffic police did not remove it from my RC in their systems. Even I was not aware that after paying challan, this need to be removed from RC. So, when I landed in RTO, they said challan is still linked to your RC and hence Hypothecation cannot be removed. So, I went back to Traffic Police office, got this removed and re-applied in RTO after a week.

  29. Deva Avatar

    Hi Thanks for this post. It helped me lot to apply Hypothecation cancellation. Just include the below in your post as it would value add to other like me.

    For address change, two address proofs are required in case your Aadhar address is different. Possible documents telephone bill, gas connection, registered rent agreement.

    1. Kunal Avatar

      What if one have only voter card as address proof. Registered rent agreement is expired year ago and no new rent agreement is available. Any suggestion? Two address proof are mandatory ?

  30. Rahul Avatar


    I have got my car registered from Panchkula and have lease from a bank. now as loan is paid and I currently stay in Gurgaon, can I get the hypothecation removed from my RC from Gurgaon or I need to visit Panchkula RTO for the same. Kindly Reply.



    1. Rahul Avatar

      Any inputs will be really helpful

      1. Rahul Avatar

        Rahul says July 29, 2019 at 4:26 pm
        I have got my car registered from Panchkula and have lease from a bank. now as loan is paid and I currently stay in Gurgaon, can I get the hypothecation removed from my RC from Gurgaon or I need to visit Panchkula RTO for the same. Kindly Reply.

  31. Gunjan Avatar

    Thanks a ton Mr Amit Gupta. Your blog helped me to get the “removal of Hypotecation “ done in just 10minutes.
    You saved my ₹4500(an agent asked for this).
    Thankyou very much.
    No affidavit was required.

    1. Amit Gupta Avatar
      Amit Gupta

      pleasure all mine. Happy to hear this was able to help.

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