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Diwali brings back so many sweet memories of childhood. The celebrations used to start a month in advance with Dusshera holidays and Ramlila.

Ramlila always meant swings and food. My father would drive us to ramlila maidan at red fort. We would straight head to the food stalls and give the stage performance complete miss 🙂

My grandfather would buy us such a big load of fire crackers that they last for 15 days.… continue reading...

12. November 2012 by Amit Gupta
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Birthday celebration

what a day… celebrations round the clock literally.  cakes ..yes three cakes , chocolate facial, party , outing and full dhammal and masti. This was one of the most memorable birthday celebration.

Thank you everyone for all your good wishes and making my birthday so special.… continue reading...

08. October 2010 by Amit Gupta
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Logging out from makaan.com

Now when i am logging off as a product manager for makaan.com after two and a half year, i am tempted to peep into the past and relive some of the moments that i’ll cherish for life. My session with makaan begins with an email request (typical web 2.0 style) to aditya verma (business head & vp, makaan.com ) and i got the invite to join in the core team to build a real estate portal.… continue reading...

24. September 2009 by Amit Gupta
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New life in my home

Hold your gun man and don’t jump to conclusions and don’t go by the post image at all. Its not me and monica in the pic, I am talking about …well why don’t you read below.

Wow ! great to see my garden getting inhabited by a new couple (weaver bird but off course).… continue reading...

16. July 2009 by Amit Gupta
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Safeguard your SIM card against misuse

There seems to be a perfect synergy in the marketing and sales department of cellular companies. Both departments are supplementing each other in growing the subscriber base (And possibly redcuing ARPU).

The telesales ladies pushes hard to sell complementary ‘Golden’, ‘Platinum’ and matching/similar numbers to your current Mobile number in ever sweet voice.… continue reading...

10. July 2009 by Amit Gupta
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