Neemrana Fort palace, Rajasthan

Few months back, we picked up Neemrana Fort Palace for a weekend get away trip from Gurgaon. I have some kind of facinations for the Palaces & forts and Neemrana is the closed fort in Rajasthan from Gurgaon, some 80 km from IGI Airport.We booked a stay for a night there in Hari Vilas (Lord Vishnu’ adobe) , one of the rooms being offered from the heritage property. The deal – One night stay @ INR 5000 excluding the buffet lunch (INR 600) and dinner (INR 700). We opted for this room for three primary reasons

a) This room is part of  the original fort (There are many additional new rooms and facilities being constructed as an extention to the original fort palace.)

b)  The room have extended balcony and private roof top terrace.

c) This fits into our budget 😉

We started a  cool ride on NH-8 towards Jaipur. Our first stop was at Mc’donald close to manesar for brunch. We picked up usual burger and coke. The ride was very smooth and took us less than 2 hours to reach neemrana. Road to the fort is from within the Neemrana town is still in shape the last king must have left it. We followed a camel cart patiently to reach the fort.

Mc Donald      Toll Tax - Rajasthan      Following camel cart

We certainly had some high hopes of staying in a heritage fort palace which was once home to decendents of Prithviraj Chauhan. Neemrana fort is magnificiant and well maintained property but the room was bit of a disappointment. Its actually a heritage property (no fancy floors and ceiling, tv, intercom and even room service).  My wife insisted and actually checked on couple of same room but found this to be best.

Infact if we ignore the room per say rest of the experience was lovely. There was huge balcony attached to our room and we have access to two level of roofs. The room offered excellent view of both fort and neemrana town from balconies and roof top.

Terrace       View from terrace 1      View from Balcony

neemrana fort palace      Jarokha      common room neemrana

Nights offer even better view of the fort (My camera though couldn’t captute it) . The fort has 10 stepped level and whole fort was illuminated at night. Fort also has a common room with television, library and few indoor games. But we decided to explore the fort after dinner. We covered most of the levels and but at times it was really scary to be roaming in the narrow staircases.cannon neemrana

Next day we decided to have breakfast out on restaurant terrace and explore some more of fort.breakfast-neemrana

and then we discovered the most coverted mahal(palace) in the fort. It was just a chance discovery as the way to this palace is told by fort authority until you have the pressing need. Look for yourself…loo-mahal

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