Traffic light for footover bridge in gurgaon !

This can happen only here in India. We know how to ulitize all the resources to fullest and look forward to accept new challenges. Look at the images below I clicked of foot over bridge meant for pedestrian in millenium city, gurgaon.

Sccoter and cycle on foor overbridge

No hurry at all – Guy seems to be attending a call from home


 Wow ! such a good negotiater of sharp turns

Pedestrian should be given adverse travel advisory for crossing expressway by footover bridge build in gurgaon. Or considering the amount of motor vehicles goverment should put up traffic lights up there. Or better lets have a another overbridge on the existing one 🙂

7 responses to “Traffic light for footover bridge in gurgaon !”

  1. Rekha Avatar

    Good you chose this topic. I was thinking of writing a blog on this. As long as the bridges were built, there was such a hue and cry about its need. Why should we call these pedestrian bridges a ‘foot bridge’ any more? They are serving as flyovers. I have even seen a rickshaw right on top I wish I could take a photograph. May be we will soon see a Nano atop. This is how we misuse any facility provided to us. God only save us from a mishap.

    1. Amit Gupta Avatar

      @Rekha But this also shows lack of planning by govt agencies. This expressway is cutting across the gurgaon and there are large number of cycles and cycle rickshaws which criss cross the city. There should have been some provision for them to cross the road. As far as two wheelers (and nano lol) are concerned they should be heavily fined.

      1. Kuldeep Anand Avatar
        Kuldeep Anand

        Hi Guys!!! I am very happy to see such awareness amongst our citizens. See, since last two decades, due to lack of knowledge of voters and lethargic attitudes of learned lead the country like this, esp. the reliance of illiterate upon literate. Now the new generation is acquanted with the global knowledge and tredz, hence the number of literate is increasing day by day…i would suggest instead we should all do our level best to appos these errs and also guide/aware all our brothers/sisters to know their rights and responsibilities towards the civil society, and save our assets of common use…….its really a bright hope that we youngester are responsible to raise these issue…just need to elevate them on the right platforms as well….

  2. rekha Avatar

    Hi Amit, for streamlining the traffic you got to drive a little more than usual because too many cuts to cross the road will result in that many traffic lights and therefore increased travel time on road. The crossing below the flyover near IFCO chowk is not too far from the foot bridge but still people are taking their two wheelers up the footbridge. Its just that old habits die hard and they know that no law can be implemented here. We have a habit to grossly misuse public property.

  3. hitesh Avatar

    We are making website on Gurgaon traffic police.we searched a lot about this dept and came to know that there are only 2 traffic police stations in Gurgaon district one is headed by Mr. Hansraj and other one is by Mr Randhir Singh.but sir we did not got address of these police stations.we also wants to know about all traffic lights and their duration and information about crowded areas.
    pls help us in collecting data regarding gurgaon traffic police.

  4. Tora Sabourin Avatar
    Tora Sabourin

    Insightful content=) Going to take a decent amount of time to absorb this points.

  5. Bharat Kumar Avatar
    Bharat Kumar

    Thanks Amit for sharing the misuse of resourses, its a general practice in India to misuse the resourses and later termed it as multi-use…:)

    What about the Bus stops along NH-8, within the city limits of Gurgaon, it is really a matter of shock and surprise when someone came to know that there is not a single bus stop planned in such a busy stretch of NH-8. It’s a matter of shame for the NHAI,DSC and Supervision consultantsresponsible planning and construction of Jaipur Highway.

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