What is QR code

There is so much buzz around the QR code recently. Frankly I initially thought its some feature available with Blackberry phone , when I purchased one last year.

So what is QR code ?

By definition its Quick Response Code and look like a square bar code. The information stored on the QR code can be decoded or read by Bar code reader and mobile phones. Qr code can be used to add contacts to list, display  text, image or open a webpage by connecting to mobile web. amitguptaz qr code

All mobile platform supports QR code by native applications or  multiple free application available. Blackberry has build in a complete campaign around QR code. Ease  of adding contact to BB messenger. I love the concept and ad.


But the QR code can be used for more interesting use. Few examples :

1.  Talking Resume (Combination of print resume and QR code redirecting to youtube ) . Watch the  creative way to use QR codes on a intern resume. www.victorpetit.fr (Sup de Pub Student, Lyon, France).

2 . Profile Photo on Social Profiles (Business promotion by @mayank)

qr code as business card

3. Link to download applications (Android Market ) – One click Download

Android market offers one click download to almost all applications. The same code can also be extended to print and online campaigns. Check out the QR code for Facebook app

And many more ….

Interestingly term QR code itself is a registered trade mark of Denso Wave Incorporated and Denso Wave owns the patent rights on QR codes, but has chosen not to exercise them. Kudos

One last thing and most important thing. How to get a bar code for you ?

QR Code for http://amitguptaz.com

There are ample of online QR Code generator which offer this service for FREE.

a) http://www.qrstuff.com/   Customize the foreground color of the QR code and get a printable code. The site also give option to get QR code on various products like mugs, t-shirts etc.

b) http://www.quikqr.com : Simple interface with option to create a QR code for a webpage

Go ahead get a QR code for yourself.

Update : A mailer today suggest one more utility 🙂

QR code business card

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  3. Deepika Avatar

    There is another indian website providing qr codes for free, qrcodegenerator.in

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